LOVUS Waterproof Outdoor Solar Powered Street Lights , Super Stable Performance, ST80-007

$109.59 – $259.99

50.0 Watts50.0 Watts
80.0 Watts80.0 Watts
100.0 Watts100.0 Watts
150.0 Watts150.0 Watts

1.【HIGH-QUALITY & Durability】Durable solar lights outdoor adopts anticorrosive die-cast aluminum material and streamlined lamp body design, which makes greater heat dissipation according to the principle of air convection heat dissipation. Moreover, the solar patio lights outdoor waterproof is built with IC waterproof drive, lightning-proof and dustproof, ensuring the service life of LED lamp to be over 50,000 hours.

2.【LED CHIP AND TEMPERED GLASS MASK】The solar light flag pole is high power LED chip, low power consumption, high brightness, low light decay, energy saving and environmental protection; high quality tempered glass, high light transmittance, uniform light; sealed by waterproof rubber pad, waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof.

3.【POLYCRYSTALLINE SILICON SOLAR PANEL】High photoelectric conversion efficiency, automatic charging, intelligent light-controlled solar wafer, automatic illumination at dusk, automatic shutdown at dawn. High conversion and special craftmanship for solar panel shorten charging time for only 6-8 hours fully charged.

4.【ADJUSTABLE BRACKET】The solar gutter lights with a large capacity LiFePO4 lithium battery, the service life is up to two years, the battery can be disassembled and replaced by itself, no need to change the lamp frequently, saving installation and maintenance costs and electricity costs. Adjustable brackets, solar panels can be adjusted according to the sun, 180 degrees large angle rotation, to ensure that the solar panels better absorb sunlight.

5.【SPLIT CONNECTION, EASY TO MOVE AND ADJUST】The solar flood lights outdoor is composed of a solar panel and an anti-alumina lamp body. The connecting line is 14.8ft long and can be installed together or separately. Equipped with remote control switch, remote control distance up to 30ft, easy to operate.

Vendor: LOVUS
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50.0 watts, 80.0 watts, 100.0 watts, 150.0 watts

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