IFOOTAGE 31" Carbon Fiber Camera Slider Track Video Stabilizer Rail 6 Bearings Professional DSLR Camera DV Video Camcorder Film Photography, Load up to 15.5 pounds - Shark Slider S1(S1S)


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1.Shark Slider S1: Carbon fiber and aluminum build, silent, long-lasting bearings and flywheel ensure smooth sliding, high control, and extendable camera movement time after time.

2. High Stability: The belt and the synchronizing wheel are perfectly connected to limit any vibrations caused by movement and function. Having a triangle design structure provides the slider with maximum stability.

3. Smooth Camera Movement: The flywheel provides a damping effect through its centrifugal force, allowing both acceleration and deceleration camera movements to be smooth. Six long-wearing bearings provide a longer life (about 5 times longer than other brands). This device will operate smoothly and quietly for a lifetime.

4. Multifunctional Device Support: Both track stand and bottom plate provide multiple 1/4 and 3/8 screw holes. This slider is compatible with different tripods and allows offset for balancing. The base plate leveler screws eliminate any gap in between the plate and the pan head.

5. Fast Disassembly: The IFOOTAGE Shark Slider can be separated in under 10 seconds, and completely disassembled in under 3 minutes. Components can be cleaned and stored separately to improve portability.

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